Why 99% Of Live Cam Sites Are a Complete Scam And Not Worth Joining: White Labeling Explained

Find out which sites are white labels?

There are only a few legit live cam sites available. If you are looking for a good one, you need to be aware of the bad ones. The truth is, 99% of all adult websites are white labels and not worth your time or money. Having just a bit of knowledge will keep you from running into hordes of scams, and keep your money where it belongs: your wallet. Here, white labeling is explained as well as what you can expect from white label sites that may make you cringe and run the other way.

What is white labeling?
?It means that you can rebrand any product you want?

White labeling is not a term specific to the adult industry. It has been around for years, from the first generic product listed for sale. That is the essence of what a white label product is. It is a product or service that has been copied and rebranded as own without giving credit to the original manufacturer or company. Some are legit white labels, such as generic medicine where they have permission to rebrand or sell the product as a generic version of the original brand. However, most are covert. It is, at its very core, stealing. They steal proprietary information through nefarious and ingenious means, change a few things to give it their own brand name and might even add their own personal touches. Then, it is put for sale to lure unsuspecting customers to think that it was all their idea.

What does this mean for live cam sites?
?Money ? A lot of money?

Legit live cam sites are a rarity, and they are hard to find. Most of what you will find on the internet is cheap rebrands of existing, profitable and quality sites. The companies steal the software, the layouts, and sometimes even the videos and pictures from these legitimate sites, and rebrand it as their own with only a few touches to make it seem different from the rest. They steal customers from the legitimate sites and are dangerous for you.

Why 99% of all cam are sites jasmine live white labels?

To answer this as simply as possible, it can be summarized into one word: profit. By making a white label site, these smaller companies can make mass profits because they pay little to nothing for their software, usually do all of their backend work for free on their own, and pay their girls less than what they are worth. This all leads to scams.

Scams abound with white labeled live cam sites
?Don?t fall for the scams?

Scams are the major way these sites make their money. The girls scam you for their employers, and then are often crafty enough to scam you again for their own financial gains. You are their bread and butter, and they are experts at getting you to pay far more than you bargained for, and usually with a grin on your face. If they can use it against you, they will find a way.

Cam site reviews are misleading- how you can tell the good from the bad

Reviews are one of the worst things you can pay attention to if you are trying to find legit live cam sites. These people often write the reviews themselves, or worse, hire experienced freelance writers for next to nothing in order to write them professionally. They mytrannycams.com/chat/ maximize these reviews for search engine optimization so that the results show up on the first page of your search results in Google or other search engines. The best way to tell the good reviews from the bad is the length. If the review is more than a few sentences long, it is usually a fake. If there is any bold text or italics in the review, it is more than likely a fraud. In addition, pay attention to the wordage. If they overuse text speak, they are trying too hard, and if there is no text speak in the review, read it carefully and go by your gut instinct.

How do the girls scam you?
?She would seduce you to get you on a Skype chat?

The girls are the biggest scam artists for white label cam sites. They have many tactics to employ from stalling to getting you on Skype, and their employers are the ones to teach most of these tactics to them. Others, the girls come up by themselves and are just as dangerous and deceptive.

They will stall you to make you pay for more time with them

If you pay by the minute, or even by oohya.net/ half hour increments, these girls will stall for as long as they can to make you rack up a hefty bill. White label sites encourage this. They aren?t interested in your enjoyment. Their only concern is using your amorous desires against you to squeeze as much cash out of your wallet as possible. This usually entails getting you into a conversation so you do not realize how slowly they are disrobing. Remember that they are there to give you a show, not to remain clothed and chatty.

There is the Skype scam, as well

Girls on legit live cam sites will not ask you for your personal information, your Skype username, or any other forms of contact. Yet, this is a major way girls of white label sites make their income. They give you their show, usually after stalling until you have paid more than you wanted, and then want to get you on Skype for future shows that they tell you they will perform free. The trick is, these girls record you. If you give them a show while they are giving you yours, they are recording it. These recordings, especially once they get you on Skype, will then be used against you, usually as blackmail to get exorbitant amounts of money from you over the long term. You can read a site review like camorous review to check if it?s a scam. Read Camorous Cam Site Reviews ? Is Camorous.com a Scam? Find out yourself. You must avoid sex cam scams and never let anyone blackmail you for enjoying few minutes of pleasure.

They are great at getting you from sob story to Western Union

If they cannot get you into Skype, they break out the sob story. They may tell you that they have no friends because of the business they are in, or they may go straight to the sick relative they are trying to support. These girls are experts at straining your heart strings in unimaginable ways to get you out of your chair and into line at Western Union to send them money to help whatever situation they cried at you. If it isn?t Western Union, it is PayPal or cash through the mail.

Do not forget the viruses!

Who could forget the viruses? These aren?t just the popup ads that flag your antivirus like crazy. These are the key loggers that they have expertly crafted to fool your antivirus into ignoring them. With these little things, they get your passwords to every site you visit, your financial information from credit cards and billing information, to your social security number and birth date. This information, depending on how often you buy things online and check your bank account, can be acquired in a matter of days. After that, your identity has been stolen and you can expect your credit score to tank and a flood of bills will start crashing into your mailbox.
White label sites are the bane of legit live cam sites and make it harder for you to find the good ones. It is increasingly harder to wade through the trash to find the joyourself gold, because the gold is mimicked by the brassy equivalents that are still shiny and look new. Beware and use this knowledge wisely while you search for a good time.

source: https://storify.com/wholesalet858/why-99-of-live-cam-sites-are-a-complete-scam-and-n

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In stormy weather,
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There was a young girl from Hong Kong
Whose cervical cap was a gong.
She said with a yell,
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I see by the size of your member
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So slicken that mast –
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A horny old trapper named Rex
Liked the risks of wild porcupine sex.
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There once was a Vulcan named Spock
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With lust went berserk
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“For Christmas”, she said with a tingle
“I’d love a gift cunnilingual!”
Twas with joy and surprise
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The tongue of jolly Kris Kringle!

Mary had a little dog,
All night long he’d hunt.
He stuck his head in Mary’s lap,
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Ain’t but one man in this town
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The captain and the crew,
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Asked a woman, “What’s your name?”
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There once was a man from St. Paul
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he got down on the rug
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There once was a fellow from Yuma,
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Now his skeleton lies,
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There was a young man named Sweeny
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He thought this uncouth,
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There was a Young Man named MacNair
Who buggered his Wife on the Stair
The bannister Broke…
…Without missing a Stroke
He Finished her off in Mid-Air.

There once was a Barmaid from Saille
On her back tattooed the prices of ale
And on her behind, for the sake of the blind
was precisely the same but in braille.

There once was a lady from Reno
Who lost all her cash playing keno
So she laid on her back
Opened her crack
And now she owns the casino!

There once was a pirate named Bates
Who attempted to rhumba on skates-
He fell on his cutlass
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In the garden of Eden stood Adam
With his hand on the ass of his madam
He chuckled with mirth
For he knew that on earth
There were only two balls, and he had’em!

There once was a man from Australia
Who had extra-large genitalia
He said to his bride,
Don’t try to hide
‘Cause wherever you go I can nail ya’

There was a young man who’s dong
Was prodigiously, massively long
Down the sides of his whang,
two testes did hang
Which attracted a curious throng.

Said a diffident lady named Drood
the first time she saw a man nude,
“I’m glad I’m the sex
that’s concave not convex
for I don’t fancy things that protrude.”
There was a hooker from Honchu
Who on peckers and penises did chew.
Said a friend, “Why don’t you
Have them stick it to you,
Then you could enjoy the sex too”.

There was a man from Havana,
Who thought he could play the piana
His fingers slipped,
his zipper unzipped.
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A young engineer name of Paul
Was equipped with an octagonal ball
The square of his weight
Times his pecker, plus eight
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There was a young girl who begat
Three brats, by name Nat, Pat, and Tat.
It was fun in the breeding,
But hell in the feeding
When she found she had no tit for Tat.

There once was a man from Pompei
Who fashioned a snatch out of clay
The heat from his prick,
Turned the clay into brick
And tore all his foreskin away!!

>From Isaac Asimov

Nymphomaniac Alice
Used a dynamite stick as a phallis.
They found her vagina
In North Carolina,
And part of her anus in Dallas.

There was an old fellow named Paul
Whose prick was exceedingly small
When in bed with a lay
He could screw her all day
Without touching the vaginal wall.

There once was an odious brute
Who made love in his Sunday-best suit.
The result, as you’d guess,
Was a wet, sticky mess,
And a very chaifed maiden to boot.

There was a young lady from Kew
Who said, as the bishop withdrew,
“Oh, the Vicar is quicker
And thicker and slicker
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A certain young fellow from Ransome
Had a dame seven times in a hansom.
When she shouted for more,
Said he from the floor,
“The name, miss, is Simpson, not Samson.”

Said a woman with open delight,
“My pubic hair’s perfectly white.
I admit there’s a glare,
But the fellows don’t care.
They locate it more quickly at night.”

There once was a man named Mort,
Whose dick was incredibly short.
When he climbed into bed
His lady friend said,
“That’s not a dick it’s a wart!”

There was a young harlot from Kew
Who filled her vagina with glue.
She said with a grin,
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They’ll pay to get out of it, too.”

There was a young plumber named Lee
Who plumbed his girl down by the sea;
Said the lady, “Stop plumbing!
I hear someone coming.”
Said the plumber, still plumbing, “That’s me.”

A newlywed couple from Goshen
Spent their honeymoon sailing the ocean.
In twenty-eight days
They screwed eighty ways –
Imagine such damn devotion!

There once was a hermit named Dave
Who kept a dead whore in his cave.
She was missing a tit.
She smelled like shit.
But think of the money he saved!

The sea captain’s tender young bride
fell into the bay at low tide,
You could tell by her squeals,
that some of the eels
had discovered a dark place to hide.

Nick the prick had a forty foot dick,
He showed it to the lady next door.
She thought it was a snake,
And hit it with a rake,
And now it’s only four foot four.

There was a young sailor from Brighton
Who said to his girl, “You’re a tight ‘un.”
She replied, “‘Pon my soul,
You’re in the wrong hole.
There’s plenty of room in the right ‘un.”

A lady while dining at Crewe
Found an elephant’s whang in her stew.
Said the waiter, “Don’t shout,
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Or the others will all want one too.”

There once was a man from Sydney
Who could put it in up to her Kidney
But a man from Quebec
Put it up to her neck
Now he had a big one, didn’t he!

There was a young dentist Malone
who had a charming girl patient alone.
But in his depravity
he filled the wrong cavity,
God, how his practice has grown!

There was a young lady from Nizes
whose breasts were two different sizes.
One was so small
it was nothing at all,
but the other was huge and won prizes.

There was a young lady named Hilda
Who went driving one night with a builda.
He said that he should
That he could and he would,
And he did and it pretty near killda.

A broken-down lecher named Tupps
Was heard to confess in his cups:
“The height of my folly
Was diddling a collie –
But I got a nice price for the pups.”

There was a young vampire called mable,
whose periods were always quite stable,
at every full moon
she took out a spoon,
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A kinky young girl from Coleshill,
Tried a dynamite stick for a thrill,
They found her vagina,
in North Carolina,
and bits of her tits in Brazil.

There was a young man from Pitlocherie,
making love to his girl in the rockery,
she said look you’ve cum,
all over my bum,
This isn’t a shag it’s a mockery.

There was a young lassie from Morton,
who had one long tit and one short ‘en,
on top of all that,
a great hairy twat,
and a fart like a six fifty Norton.
We all know that tampons are spongey
And oftentimes get rather grungy
But why they have strings
Among other things
Is so that the crabs can all bungee.

“You, choirboy!” ordered the pastor
“Bend over the pew for your Master!”
He said with a moan
As he slipped him a bone.
“Now just wag your tail a bit faster!”

Said the Abbot, “I’m not pleased one bit,
Brother Ambrose; that you should submit
Your signed IOU
In lieu of a ewe –
I just won’t accept that sheep chit.”

Goldilocks has lots of guys
Pinnochio’s one, I’m advised!
She sits on the puppet
And sticks his nose right up it
And makes the poor fellow tell lies!

A hard-headed cabby named Peter
Was asked by a fare if he’d eat her.
He said, “It’s not free.
I will only agree
To go down while I’m running the meter.”
There was a young lady from china,
who had an enormous vagina.
and when she was dead
they painted it red
and used it for docking a liner.

There was a young gigolo named Bruno
Who said, “Screwing’s one thing I do know.
While women are fine,
And sheep are divine,
Lama’s are numero uno!”

There once was a barmaid named Gale
On whose breasts was the menu for ale
But since she was kind
For the sake of the blind
On her ass it was printed in Braille.

Once there was a man from Boston
Who took a ride in his Austin
He had room for his ass
a gallon of gas
but his balls hung out and he lost them.

There once was pervert named Manny
who stuck his long prick up his fanny.
Oh! What’s this shouting about?
Seems he can’t get it out.
He can’t shit, he can’t piss. It’s uncanny!

Said a horny young girl from Milpitas,
“My favorite sport is coitus.”
But a fullback from State
Made her period late,
And now she has athlete’s fetus.

There once was a man from Peru
Who was desperately hanging out for a screw.
He picked up a moll
And rammed home his pole
Then said, “Jesus, that was Long overdue.”

To Stan, Ginger whined and then sighed
Her vibrator battery died
She got off instead
With ten minutes of head,
Then she gave Stan’s old willie a ride!

There was a bleached blond named Dolores
Who had an unusual clitoris
It’s location remote
Was deep in her throat
Where she douched with a touch of Lavoris!

Ginger from County of Dade
Said, “I think it’s time I got laid.”
“My vibrator can tingle”
“But it’s not cunnilingual”
“And that’s how orgasms are made.”

Ginger was feeling quite gruff
Till he placed his head in her muff
Then she purred like a kitty
When his tongue hit her clitty
Saying, “I just can’t get enough!”

I don’t mean to tarnish your cheer
But old Santa Claus is a big queer!
He fondles the elves,
Who pleasure themselves
With a bugger up old Santa’s rear!

There once was a man from Ghent
Whose cock was so long that it bent.
Whithout any trouble,
He put it in double,
So instead of cumming he went…

Old Charlie, a jolly old bloke
Made love to a cow as a joke
He found pleasure divine
With this friendly bovine
Now they call him the old cowpoke!

There once was this girl from Sri Lanka,
A dusky-skinned maid named Bianca.
Each day she would sit
And play with her clit.
She was an incredible wanker!

There was a Young Man from Kent
Whose Rod was so long it bent.
So to save himself trouble
He bent it in double,
And instead of coming, he went!

There once was a young man named Gene
Who invented a screwing machine
Concave and convex
It served either sex
And it played with itself in between.

There was a young girl of Angina
Who stretched catgut across her vagina.
>From the love-making frock
(With the proper sized cock)
Came Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

There was a young girl named Sapphire
Who succumbed to her lover’s desire
She said: “It’s a sin
But now that it’s in
Could you shove it a few inches higher?”

There once was a man from Bandoo
Who fell asleep in a canoe
He dreamed of Venus
And played with his penis
And woke with a hand full of goo!

A Peruvian Inca named Bruno
Said, yes’m There’s one thing I DO know:
A woman is fine,
A boy is divine,
But a Llama is numero UNO!

There once was a fellow named Perkin
Who always was jerkin’ his gherkin
His mother said, “Perkin,
Stop jerkin’ your gherkin –
Your gherkin’s for ferkin’ not jerkin’.”

There once was a Queen of Bulgaria
Whose bush had grown hairier and hairier,
Till a Prince from Peru,
Who came for a screw,
Had to hunt for her twat with a terrier.

There was a young man from Cape Horn
who wished he had never been born
He wouldn’t have been
If his father had seen
That the end of his condom was torn!

There was a young lady named Claire
Who possessed a magnificent pair;
Or that’s what I thought
‘Til I saw one get caught
On a thorn, and begin to lose air.

There was a young maid from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass.
Not rounded and pink
As you probably think —
It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass!

There once was a mohel from Minsk
Who saved all his customers’ skinsk
Tho they looked odd in a jar
He was kinder by far
Than his zeyde, who made from them, a blintzk.

There once was a Jew from Peru
who was vainly attempting to screw.
His wife screamed “oy vey,
if you keep up this way,
The Messiah will come before you”

There once was a man from Cape Horn
Who wished that he’d never been born.
He wouldn’t have been
If his father had seen
That the end of his condom was torn!

Bigamy, they say, is a vice,
And more than one spouse is not nice,
But one is a bore,
I’d prefer three or four,
And the plural of spouse is spice?

There was a young plumber named Lee
Who plumbed his girl down by the sea;
Said the lady, “Stop plumbing!
I hear someone coming.”
Said the plumber, still plumbing, “That’s me.”

There once was a man named McSweeny
Who spilled some gin on his weenie
Just to be Couth
He added some Vermouth
And slipped his chick a Martini!

While Titian was mixing rose madder,
his model was posed on a ladder.
Her position to Titian
suggested fruition.
So he mounted the ladder and had her.

An accident really uncanny,
Befell an unfortunate granny.
She sat down in a chair
While her false teeth were there,
And bit herself right in the fanny!

Hickory Dickory Dock
The tongue ran up the cock.
The man did smile.
It had been quite a while.
And his cock was as hard as a rock!

A bugger who buggered some sheep
Tried to bugger a ewe in her sleep.
She awoke with a start
And she ripped a great fart.
Now he’s covered in shit three feet deep.

There was a man from Ka-bot
That lived on his boogers and snot
When he couldn’t have these
He lived on the cheese,
That grew on his grungy old cock!

There once was a couple named Kelly
Who had to walk belly to belly
Because in their haste
They used wallpaper paste
Instead of petroleum jelly.

I heard that she would never say no
To oral sex. Just 10 bucks for a blow.
But when down on her knees
I said “Oh baby please
Move up, you’re too low, that’s my toe!”

A pretty young maiden from France
Decided she’d “just take a chance.”
She let herself go
For an hour or so
And now all her sisters are aunts.

There was a young man from St. Paul’s
Who read Harper’s Bazaar and McCall’s
Till he grew such a passion
For feminine fashion
That he knitted a snood for his balls.

A mathematician named Hall
Has a hexahedronical ball,
And the cube of its weight
Times his pecker’s, plus eight
Is his phone number — give him a call..

A wanton young lady from Wimley
Reproached for not acting quite primly
Said, “Heavens above!
I know sex isn’t love,
But it’s such an entrancing facsimile.”

The was a man named Sir Lancelot
Who went to parties and danced a lot
When making a pass
At a young pretty lass
The front of his pants would advance a lot!

A remarkable race are the Persians;
They have such peculiar diversions.
They make love the whole day
In the usual way
And save up the nights for perversions.

There was a young man from the Coast
Who had an affair with a ghost.
At the height of orgasm
Said the pallid phantasm.
“I think I can feel it—almost!”

Meat-rationing did not terrify Miss Davey,
She got married to a sailor in the Navy,
For she knew between his legs
He had ham and he had eggs,
A big weenie, and oodles of white gravy.

There was a young Scotchman named Jock
Who had a most horrible shock:
He once took a shit
In a leaf-covered pit,
And the crap sprung a trap on his cock.